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RoomMates RMK1729GM Poppies Stick Decals

RoomMates RMK1729GM Poppies Stick Decals

I am not a professional photographer, but I am our family photographer and have been taking pictures for many years. I even studied photography and did some darkroom work in high school and college.

The two camera I've been using, before the HS50EXR, is a digital Canon - Powershot A720 IS with 8.0 mega pixels and a 6x optical zoom and a Canon DSLR - Rebel T3 which I have two lenses for, the standard 18-55mm and a telephoto 55-250mm. I've been using both of them a lot lately as I've been documenting a garden project and taking a lot of wildlife photos. I have to say, the FujiFilm is amazing in comparison and will enable me to do everything I need to do with this one camera, much easier then before.

This is considered a bridge camera - somewhere between a digital and an SLR, but I have to say I like it MUCH better then my Canon Rebel T3 - as a family photographer I've found it daunting to figure out some of the settings on my DSLR and with the FujiFilm, it does it for me. I love the EXR mode and how the camera selects the best setting for your pictures, it's good for those of us who just want to be able to take really nice pictures.

A problem I've had recently with my SLR camera has been needing to constantly switch between my regular and telephoto lenses. This camera has an amazing 1000mm zoom. It takes pictures very quickly and the manual zoom is easy to use and has worked great. I have taken pictures of everything from landscape to close up with just a twist of the lens. You just zoom, half click to focus and get a great picture. The colors are sharper then both of my Canon cameras as well and the auto focus has worked perfectly, and takes just 0.05 seconds - it's fast and clear.

You can also take excellent quality 1080 HD video with full stereo. You can use the camera in manual mode, if you want to do your own settings and there are some great advanced options for filter effects (things like miniature, pop color and soft focus) and 'scene position' option for over a dozen different conditions like, portrait, landscape, sports, night, sunset and more.

I have to say I adore this camera and it looks like my other cameras are going to be gathering dust from now on. I give the FujiFilm FinePix HS50EXR my highest recommended!

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9 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Ray Peters says:

    This item was one of three sets of decals I tried, and after being disappointed with the other two, the third time was a charm. They look FABULOUS on the wall, they went on sooooo easily, and they stick well on my very uneven, loft walls. I am amazed at how nice they look and the effect, for such a small price (less than trying to fill the space with wall art).
    I am so happy with them, I am on here to see what else this company sells :)

  • Julio Dejesus says:

    The Poppy Decals are very nice and they look beautiful on my wall. They stick well and peel off nicely if they need
    re-placement. I purchased this item from an affiliate of

  • Marc Mcdaniel says:

    Love these! the look great on my wall and talk about an impact these will make! I did change my mind while arranging them and they peeled off easily with no problem.

  • Ernest Gould says:

    I bought it to liven up my livingroom in my dorm. They came and were so vibrant and beautiful, they lighted up the whole place and really go great against pure white. I was so delighted with how good they looked. They are easy to peel off, too. It's crazy. I recommend this item to anyone looking to make their apartment a little prettier. :))))

  • Gilbert Malone says:

    Unlike some wall decals, these red, red poppies are just as huge as they appear on the website! I bought them to make our drab shower/bathroom at work look more inviting. They did the trick. And, no nail holes!

  • Jerome Stone says:

    I love these decals. They are so pretty and really add dramatic flare to a room. The order came very quickly and was well packaged.

  • Toni Harrison says:

    I bought the black and white erasable dots from this company and I loved them. I bought some other wall art that was supposed to be like those but it was from another company and they were terrible. These Giant Poppies are amazing. I could peel and re-apply again and again. They make my bathroom look like I just painted wall art on them. I am loving them. I am so hoping they don't peel when the walls get wet from the shower. If they do I will update my post so you know, probably by tomorrow morning. After my last fiasco with other company's supposed re-apply wall art, I will only buy from RoomMates from now on. They have a superior product.

  • Clayton Nguyen says:

    These are wonderful and add such a pop of color to your room!!! Easy to apply and move if needed! Would recommend to anyone!!!

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