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Fun game !!!

Magic Farm Kindle Tablet Edition

Magic Farm Kindle Tablet Edition

I have read many good books this year and had my top ten short list ready. Then, I picked up "The Language of Flowers" by debut novelist Vanessa Diffenbaugh. BAM! I could not stop reading this book. It's not a gooey love story with Victorian flora in an epistolary form.

It is an action-packed, heart-breaking journey with an 18 year-old, recently emancipated foster child. She has a wall around her heart, "like a nut." She fears intimate relationships, for all her life these have meant only moving on, moving away, and giving up those she cherished.

She is homeless. She is jobless. But she has been taught the language of flowers by one of her caretakers, Elizabeth. How Victoria takes her love of flowers and her connection with growing things to make her life something new is the journey of this book. She has help along the way from people at the flower market, Renata and her family, Grant, a young man who also questions his past.

Like moss, which thrives with no roots, Victoria finds that she can start anew in a different direction for her life than she would ever have predicted.

Diffenbaugh sets the story in San Francisco and the agricultural country to the north of the city. The cityscape and vineyards provide contrasting pieces of Annie's life experiences.

This is a beautiful book. It takes the readers to new places and teaches them new things, things probably not considered before. To me, that makes for a top-notch reading experience. More, more, more please from Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

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9 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Kaitlin Lane says:

    This is a very addictive game! I love it. It is worth every penny. Just when you think you are finished you find something else.

  • Francisca Fernandez says:

    I tried it for free, and bought the full version the next day. It's a fun game and not your typical farm type action. The Dragon is very cute and a nice addition.
    My seven year old boy enjoys it too.

  • Marc Kent says:

    This is an obviously professionally made game! The graphics and sound are amazing the gameplay is near perfect and your pet dragon is amazingly awesome!

    Decent storyline
    Great graphics
    Good music / sound effects
    Fun Farming game!
    Great time killer
    You have a pet dragon!

    I have none at this point

    Just so you know:
    Not full version to unlock full version you must pay $1.99 (which is not bad)

    I really enjoy this game if you are a fan of harvest moon or farm ville this will be a game you will enjoy though not quite as interactive as those two, but the game moves faster.

  • Lucile Ashley says:

    Great fast paced farming game. Plant, water, and harvest crops, fight off pests with the help of your pet dragon. Unlock new farms. Storyline is good and easy to understand. Graphics, sound, and sound effects are great !!! Unlock full game for
    $ 1.99 Great price for this game. Fast paced, fun, and very addictive. If you like farming games this is a must have. Awesome game !!!

  • Terrence Kim says:

    One of the rare games I actually paid full price for. The quests are just challenging enough to be fun. I hate games where you get quest after quest and have to pay for extra items. Luckily, this isn't one of them. I have always enjoyed Big Fish's games, and I can't wait to share this one with my mom.

  • Dennis Ashley says:

  • Joshua Nash says:

    I am impressed with this game. I was expecting the usual farm game but am pleasantly surprised. It is fast paced, addictive, good graphics, and overall a very nice game. Good job Big Fish keep'em coming. Definitely getting the full version.

  • Molly Moody says:

    Glad I got it to play.
    I love it can't stop playing it. Keep the game going so everyone can play it.

  • Rodney Patterson says:

    I can play it for hours on end, and not get bored. I first played it as a computer game and now it's mobile which makes it even more enjoyable.

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