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Good tea, good price, and cool looking pot

Primula 40 Ounce Variety Flavor Flowering

Primula 40 Ounce Variety Flavor Flowering

I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this wonderful product. The teapot is beautiful and well-made. It has a removable tea infuser for using loose leaf teas and making a pot of your favorite. Remove the infuser when using the blooming teas, as to give the flower room to expand. You can use this on the stove top and put it in the dishwasher to remove stains. I am not sure if it is microwave safe, but don't want to try it, as I don't want to destroy this beautiful pot.

Also, the teas that come with this set come in beautiful cans. I have had many flowering teas before, and they have all looked pretty, but many fell short when it came to the actual taste. That is not the case with these teas. Their is a variety of flavors, and I haven't tried one that wasn't delicious yet! Overall, this whole set surpassed my expectations. I would gladly recommend this to any tea drinker. You will not be disappointed! 5+ Stars!

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  • Ernest Sosa says:

    I was thrilled to get a chance to review this because the flowers look so cool. It did not disappoint! A beautiful bloom opens up while steeping, and the tea that is brewed is mild and pleasant. I do like stronger teas too and this definitely is not that, but for a very mild green or herbal type tea, this is very nice. Definitely impresses guests when you serve out of the clear pot with the flower inside. I have been very cautious with the pot because although it is supposed to be everything-safe, having looked over the way it is designed I don't want to push my luck. But it does look like it is sturdy enough and made of good materials. The amount of tea that comes with this is impressive, too.

  • Sergio Clements says:

    I have been using the Primula teas for about three years and this is actually my second pot - the first was broken in a move last year Primula PTA-4009 Flowering Tea Set with 40-Ounce Pot, 6 Flowering Teas, and Loose-Tea Variety Pack so I am extra pleased to have the opportunity to receive another one.

    This pot differs from my first because it is shaped more like a traditional pot, allowing the tea to be poured through a spout. It is also a little flatter in shape, which allows you to see the tea flowers better. In both, the infuser is clear glass, and is easily removed if you use loose teas instead of the flowers - you can even put your tea bags in the infuser and quickly remove them when your tea is ready.

    If you aren't familiar with the flowering teas, they are actually tea leaves that have been soaked in Jasmine (at least that is how Primula does it), then tied together with other flowers and allowed to dry into a pod. When you place the pod in a clear teapot and pour hot water over it, it unfolds into a beautiful flower.

    The Primula teas are mild, I tend to go towards the non-floral flavors - my favorite is the vanilla, followed closely by the apple cinnamon (which isn't included in this selection). The assortment that comes with this pot includes the Pomegranate, Vanilla, Acai Berry, and Jasmine. There is also a 12 pack of Jasmine flavored tea.

    These are green teas (not heavy in caffeine), but do carry overtones of Jasmine. So if Jasmine isn't your favorite, you will want to avoid the Primula. There are other flowering teas. I find these to be a wonderful choice for times when I want to treat myself, because waiting for the unfolding of the flower becomes a part of the experience ... a reminder to slow down and take time for myself.

    The flowers are unusual, none are the same, and a lot of the colors are not nearly as bright as they appear in the photos.

    Because the tea comes in beautiful boxes, if you are looking for a unique gift, this one would work nicely. The combination of the pot with the teas will be much appreciated because it is so unusual and such a gentle way to "do" tea.

  • Sadie Carver says:

  • George Garrison says:

    Flowering tea isn't simply about the tea; it's about the beauty, tranquility, and the exotic nature of the experience. Had it been available to them, I feel confident that the Misses Bennett and Dashwood, and the sisters Crawley would have served flowering tea to their afternoon visitors - at least on special occasions. Speaking as someone who cannot get through an episode of "Downton Abbey" without a tea tray at hand, prepare to feel like a Jane Austen character updated for the 21st century.

    Flowering tea is made by sewing green tea leaves into a tight ball around a dried flower or small flower arrangement. When you put the ball in hot water, the natural expansion of the dried leaves causes the ball to pop open and the flowers, anchored to the green base, to unfurl, float delicately upward and sway gently in the tea. (Use water that is almost, but not quite, boiling to brew your tea.)

    I've been a fan of flowering tea for years, and Primula teas are consistently high quality and put on a good show. Compared with more generic flowering teas purchased at Asian markets, the Primula balls are nicely packaged in cylindrical boxes filled with individually wrapped balls; these balls are comparatively large, which makes for a better display - especially in a large 40 ounce tea pot; I've never had a "dud" that didn't open with Primula; and they consistently open right-side up so that the flowers are floating upward. (When a tea ball is opening upside down, it can be tricky trying to right the fragile arrangement with a spoon.)

    Regardless of the brand, packaging for tea balls always seems to show a vivid green base of leaves with a brilliantly contrasting white, yellow, or red flower. Please be aware that when you are brewing your tea ball at home the colors will appear muddy; after all, you're looking at the flowers through a pot of tea!

    Which brings us to the teapot. Obviously for flowering tea you must use a clear glass or glass pot, or you'll miss the excitement of the ball opening and the beauty of the floating flower arrangements. The Daisy teapot has a 40 ounce capacity, which is a good size teapot by any standards and absolutely enormous for flowering tea. (Most of the Asian markets in my area carry 12 or 16 ounce glass pots for flowering tea.)

    The Daisy teapot glass may seem very delicate, but it's stronger than it looks. I've always "warmed the pot" by pouring boiling water directly into it (without the traditional side spoon), and put it through the dishwasher with the heated dry cycle. I don't put mine on the stove, but I do use it with a Teaposy Tea for More Glass Teapot Warmer which utilizes a direct flame tea light candle.

    To complete the flowering tea experience (and to WOW your guests at afternoon tea), please serve this tea in a set of delicate Asian tea cups (the kind without handles, and preferably glass) or small (4-6 oz.) Russian tea or Turkish coffee glasses. Anything else will embarrass the staff.

  • Justin Lawson says:

    This lovely glass teapot is awesome! It is a very fine and thin glass, so it may prove to be very fragile, as well. The graceful but stout shape is very appealing. The teapot has a fine, clear glass lid, as well as a well-constructed infusion cup inside that holds the loose leaf or flowering tea. The pot pours easily and it keeps the tea very hot for a long period of time. It holds a very generous 40 ounces. It is stove top, microwave, and dishwasher safe. The best part of this teapot was that I could watch and enjoy the blooming tea flowers that come with it. It is also nice to see the color of the tea through the pot.

    The pot came with a very generous supply of flowering teas. I tried the Jasmine Green Tea, and it is a very light and pleasant tea of excellent quality. I love this teapot and the flowering teas! What a wonderful gift this would make!

  • Gale Daugherty says:

    "Turn the act of brewing tea into an art form with the Primula Daisy Teapot with 24 Tea Flowers. Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the Daisy Teapot is stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Perfect for brewing all types of tea, the 40-ounce teapot is packaged with a matching glass lid and loose tea infuser, and comes with 12 grade AA flowering green teas in Assorted flavors and 12 grade AA flowering green teas in Jasmine flavor."

    This is the advertisement that heralded the arrival of this teapot, which, I must say is lovely to look at. The instructions for brewing the tea iare silly. Why bother to buy a teapot that can be microwaved, only to print directions that state that one still must boil your water in a separate teakettle or pot. Then place the tea pod, loose tea, or bag(s) into the infuser. Then pour the hot water over the tea and let the brew steep for 3-5 minutes.

    My suggestion is to ignore the instructions, put the tea into the infuser add water and microwave the pot. Watch the tea pod blossom and be careful when you pour the tea because the lid will fall off if you do not hold it in place.

    I have had a Pyrex teapot for more years than I wish to disclose. I could never put it into the microwave oven because it has a stainless steel collar. I was hoping that this little pot would allow me to put the tea into the infuser and then heat the water and tea in the microwave oven. Alas, the directions do not specify instructions for this method, nor is an amount of water suggested for each pod.

    Using the manufacturer's instructions of pouring hot water into the pot with the tea in the infuser produced poor brewing results although the visual aspect of the blossoming of the tea pod in the infuser was a lovely experience.

    I decided to ignore the directions. I put the tea ball into the diffuser, I put water into the teapot and put the whole thing into the microwave oven testing the ability of this brewing method in 30-second increments. The brewing method worked perfectly. The tea ball blossomed and after steeping the tea for 3-5 minutes upon removing it from the microwave oven, it was perfect.

  • Sybil Montoya says:

    I have heard about flowering teas and have been wanting to try them, but I've been apprehensive of the outlay of money for something that might be much more hype than taste. Imagine my excitement when I got to try the Primula Daisy Tea Pot with Flowering Teas!

    The teapot is stylish and although it looks delicate, it is stronger than it looks. It is stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave safe and comes with a beautiful glass infuser for those days when you prefer loose tea to the flowering tea.

    The flowering teas are real showstoppers! It is mesmerizing to sit and watch this beautiful flower unfold from the "nut" you put in the teapot! Although the flowers aren't as brilliant as on the photos (they are in tea liquid), they are still stunning! What a perfect way make tea special and at the same time entertain a friend or two! Everyone who has tried it, has loved watching the flower unfold! The tea itself is delicious but I'm questioning 3 pots of tea from one flower. I like my tea on the stronger side, so 3 doesn't make it for me.

    This is a beautiful set that would make a lovely gift for a housewarming, bridal shower, wedding, or even a lovely hostess gift; or just for something special for your own home. This is definitely an item I'll be using again and again! I LOVE IT!

  • Hillary Molina says:

    This is an attractive tea pot that has an infuser basket built in. It is a little fragile, with a vulnerable glass spout and handle. The tea is a pleasant surprise in that such flower teas are generally made out of mediocre leaves and are little more than a pretty gimmick. The Primula teas have a good flavor. They need brewing at a higher temperature than the 175 degrees for good loose leaf tea and for a longer time than the typical 2 minutes. I found that they need an oolong temperature (just below boiling) and 3 minutes or more to bring out the flavor; they are then fuller than the thin brew you get from green tea bags (90% of which come from Argentina regardless of the pagoda and Confucian sage on the box), but also not bitter -- a problem with overheating and long steeping. The Chinese flowers are not quite as blossomy and spreading as the pictures imply but they do look neat and are a fun conversation piece for people who haven't tried decent tea. For fine teas, the infuser is a good size and does its job well, which is to let the leaf expand and literally infuse the water.

    I give the product -- pot plus tea -- five stars because it does what it promises well and the combination is elegant and appealing. For getting the best from loose leaf tea, I'd rate it four stars. I'd put it high on a gift list for a recipient who likes tea but commits tea-icide by taking a green tea bag of fannings -- basically the tea equivalent of instant coffee in comparison to a good coffee grind -- and subjects it to torment by microwave for an eon or so in a mug. This presentation set is a good way of introducing them to tea that doesn't have to taste like warmed sawdust.

    I am a tea zealot (and have written a book on tea) and can intone on Big Red Robe, hairy crab and Formosa Ruby Red #18. I use the best of the best brewer, the Breville, with its precision temperature and time controls and I neve drink anyything hebal that could come out of a lawnmower. Elite snob that I am, I really do like this item.

  • Virgie Cooper says:

    The tea is quite good and the price you pay here is far cheaper than in the store. It's kind of cool to see the flower in the pot. Good quality.

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