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LOVE IT!!!!!!

AMJ Dresses Inc purple Pageant

AMJ Dresses Inc purple Pageant

I first saw this product in use in Canada and was so excited by it that I just 'had to have one' .. bought one in Canada and then bought 3 more via Amazon while in Florida .. I live in NZ by the way and this product is not available over here. The hose is fantastic for storage (contracts to basically nothing), doesn't tangle and doesn't retain water which means that (a) in summer [which in NZ is now incidentally] I don't get boiling water out of the hose when I turn it on, and, (b) becos there is no water retained in the hose it won't freeze in the winter. It's really marvellous, and, everyone I know who's seen it wants one or three! Recommend that the manufacturer gets it into the NZ market pronto, and, include washers for the tap fitting as I've found that here in NZ the tap connection leaks. Hope this is helpful for all you prospective buyers .. I now own 4 :)

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5 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Philip Harmon says:

    I ordered this dress for my flower girls in my wedding. The dresses were beautiful and looked great on my girls. They were a big hit at my wedding! Everyone LOVED them especially the little girls who wore them!!! I was very pleased with my dresses!!

  • Francis Brady says:

  • Bessie Sutton says:

    Breathtaking. Shipping receivced as promised. . Didnt even need to press. She looked like an angel. Color was beautiful and the flowers appeared to be floating

  • Renee Vargas says:

    My daughter love it a lot!!
    She feels like a princess,when the other girls saw the dress they like it!!

  • Scott Swanson says:

    Just received this in the mail today! Absolutely love it!! So does my little flower girl. Looks exactly as the pic showed. The color was exact as pictured. Shipping was incredibly fast.

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