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Flowers in the Blood ebook

Flowers in the Blood ebook

I read this years ago and couldn't put it down then. I loaned the book to someone and never got it back. Several years later, I moved to another city I started thinking about the book and wondering if I could find it in a resale book store. One had just opened on the square in my town and so I went in to see what they had. When I started browsing the shelves, which I love to do, there, on a shelf at my eye level, was Flowers in the Blood, facing me....not the spine showing, but the front of the book. It was one of only a few books on that shelf because they weren't finished stocking the store yet. It was it was waiting for me to come in. My book club is reading the book now and so I loaned this used book to a friend in the club, but downloaded it on my kindle. I had to know that it was in my possession in some form. It is about generations of a family in India. Every character is fully developed and I fell in love with them. Very much worth reading. It's a long book, but once you start it, you won't put it down.

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  • Corrine Miller says:

    There is apartment that I like but I can't do I go about saving for this... What are the best things to do

  • Roseann Gardner says:

    Ok, I'm not going to ask for easy ways because I'm not that lazy, but what are some ways I can make around 15 bucks a week. I can't think of anything right now, but there has to be something. (Oh and not a job)

  • Leo Valentine says:

    I don't have my license so I can't drive

  • Kathryn Riddle says:

    i need to make money fast so i can buy 8 tickets to lego land for me and my family and i am doing it as a christmas gift i am 14 and my family really wants to go but we just can not afford it please help

  • Delores Bartlett says:

    well my assigment is 10% of my overall grade. its about a girl who runs away from an alcoholic mother, but the homework assigment has to be about something that changed your life. so i need something life changing to happen to her.. any ideas?

  • Noreen Sharp says:

    so I am going to the mall soon to buy Xmas presents for my friends and I need to know how to raise money around the house.I already know the basic things like pet sitting, babysitting ,mowing the lawn ,doing the dishes ,cleaning my room .every time I ask my mom what to do she says I don't know ,I want more creative things to do ,please give me your longest list :)

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