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CANADIAN COLUMBINE Aquilegia Canadensis Flower

CANADIAN COLUMBINE Aquilegia Canadensis Flower

Courage and devotion are difficult qualities to SHOW in a realistic character, but the author Sean Storin does an amazing job creating these in Kate Bruno. Storin easily could have become pedantic or repetitive while crafting A Frame For Flowers, however he keeps the story rich with new characters, circumstances, and twists, for the woman battling cancer while caring for her son. Her ultimate choice attests the courage we all should hope to have when faced with life's difficult choices. I thoroughly enjoyed this read from "cover to cover". Each character feels like someone you might know and love (or abhor). Each revelation was entertaining, unexpected and enjoyable to read. Finally, I especially favor the depth of the son, Anthony. Storin's treatment of Anthony's relationship with his mother weaves such a beautiful tapestry to this story that I found myself wishing I had a moment's chance to deal with Frank for them--a good sign of a great read!

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