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Toland Wild Flower Flag

Toland Home Garden 107214 Wildflowers

Toland Home Garden 107214 Wildflowers Get your Toland Home Garden 107214 Wildflowers Now!

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7 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Charlie Black says:

  • Milton Hebert says:

    I love this flag. It looks better that I could have imagined. I am beyond pleased and I love looking at it flying in front of my house every day. I miss Bluebonnets every spring that I am away from Texas and this reminds me of home.

  • Ronald Alston says:

    Love the colors. Nice flag in my flower garden. It brightens up the surrounding area with a burst of color.

  • Tia Cherry says:

    The Toland flag arrived later than anticipated but was worth the wait. It is exactly as shown but with more distinct colors and detail.

  • Leon Washington says:

    This product is beautiful. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the size I could use. I still have the flag in an unopened package and can't use it. I don't even know anyone I could give it to. I tried a number of times to get the smaller flag, but they kept sending the larger house size. I wanted the 12.5 x 18" flag. I even called and spoke to a couple of service people and still could not get what I wanted. If the flags weren't so beautiful I wouldn't have tried so hard to get the ones I selected.

  • Virgil Hampton says:

    It's beautiful, I love it, and get lots of compliments. It also can stand the test of weather. We get a lot of wind in my town as I live near water, and this holds up very nicely.

  • Aimee Vance says:

    I love the lavendar flowers with the calling of springs arrival! It brings joy, happiness and a serenity of the renewal and welcoming of life!!!!

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