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Ballerina necklaces for my granddaughters

Fashion Plaza Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Fashion Plaza Swarovski Crystal Necklace

I love this series and I particularly love the main character because he is smart, sexy, a family guy, a cop who drives a Porsche, and ultimately the coolest guy in law enforcement by a mile. Davenport does what he does because he likes it and he has a clearly defined code and sense of right and wrong-he also sees the shades of gray. The writing as always, flows smoothly, the descriptions of the people and places are vivid, and the author manages to make lifelike even the politicians that inhabit this book. Through this long running series we have come to know the characters (and they are that), that inhabit Davenport's world and it's like visiting with old friends when they take part in solving the political mystery/intrigue/thriller/suspense that takes place in a compressed period of time before election day. Davenport's friends are a motley crew of misfits but they get the job done every time. This book is recommended to all who like a smart mystery that is complex at times has many twists and turns and is hard to put down. I know that the author has said that Davenport will retire at some point, but he gives the reader so much enjoyment and downright fun I hope he goes on forever.

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5 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Lela Shaw says:

    I received the product within 10 days and it was sent in a nice box. I am happy about their great service. The charm was a little bit bigger than I expected but cute and shinny. I like the color too. I can't believe the price for the nice product and the shipping. I hope it won't tarnish.

  • Gladys Rutledge says:

    I was very pleased with these necklaces. I purchased these for my four granddaughters as gifts instead of flowers for their dance recital. They are the perfect necklace for the girls.

  • Autumn Sweet says:

    I love this angel ballet, it looks very nice and I was surprised to receive it with a cute red box.

  • Rafael Townsend says:

  • Micheal Walton says:

    This pendant is so cute!!! I love's simply adorable. Inexpensive but beautiful. If u buy it u will love it too!

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