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Asmyna SAMSIIICASKCAIM1049NP Premium Durable Protective

Asmyna SAMSIIICASKCAIM1049NP Premium Durable Protective

I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this wonderful product. The teapot is beautiful and well-made. It has a removable tea infuser for using loose leaf teas and making a pot of your favorite. Remove the infuser when using the blooming teas, as to give the flower room to expand. You can use this on the stove top and put it in the dishwasher to remove stains. I am not sure if it is microwave safe, but don't want to try it, as I don't want to destroy this beautiful pot.

Also, the teas that come with this set come in beautiful cans. I have had many flowering teas before, and they have all looked pretty, but many fell short when it came to the actual taste. That is not the case with these teas. Their is a variety of flavors, and I haven't tried one that wasn't delicious yet! Overall, this whole set surpassed my expectations. I would gladly recommend this to any tea drinker. You will not be disappointed! 5+ Stars!

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