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Professional Cake Decorating Toba Garrett

Professional Cake Decorating Toba Garrett

To do anything well takes patience and practice, but the quality of the instruction also influences the final result. To learn how to be a master cake decorator, you want to learn from a respected and accomplished master decorator such as Toba Garrett. Every aspect of cake decorating is carefully covered in this well-illustrated volume, from the basics of assembling and filling a cake to the intracacies of cake writing, marzipan modeling and gumpaste flower creation. Every skill associated with decorating a cake is presented as a lesson plan, complete with lesson reviews and performance tests. If you have ever wondered how wedding cakes can run into the thousands of dollars, you will better understand the effort, talent and planning that goes into professionally decorating a cake after reading through this almost 400 page tome. Garrett's book is dedicated to the professional market, but many of the skill sets she teaches can help the average home chef who wants to offer the family something more than an ordinary birthday cake. This book is an essential library addition for anyone with an interest in cake design as art.

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  • Victor Baker says:

    i have just started to bakes and the internet has been very helpful but want some books which explain stuff like different icing etc

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