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Love Promise Kept ebook

Love Promise Kept ebook

I adored this book. It's nice to think there could be a Gregory in this world. Greg gets lost in the forest after not listening to his father to wait for him and they would explore the woods together. He's 12 years old and thought he'd be ok. Greg realizes he's lost, he's hungry getting tired and losing daylight. He thinks he hears something, but shrugs it off as animals or something. He hears what he thinks is a little kid crying, he looks around and follows the sound and there right before his eyes is a little girl, no more than 4 or 5 years old. As scared as he was he knew he had to be brave. He walked up to the little girl and asked he name, she told him Mary Elizabeth. She threw herself at him and almost knocked him over. Mary Elizabeth told him how she got lost. He promised her he would get her home. Mary Elizabeth told him her daddy says never break a promise and Greg told her he would never break his promise. He found his way to a road where a forest ranger noticed them and brought them back to headquarters and called their parents who were dying to find their children. His dad walked in first and as happy he was to find his son he made sure Greg stayed Mary Elizabeth's hero. Mary Elizabeth's parents came in next, when they were ready to leave she ran over to give Gregg a big hug and had him promise to marry her when they get older. Remember Gregg told Mary Elizabeth he would never break a promise to her, with that at the back of his mind he promised her he would wait for her. Gregory does exactly that. As they grew up they both remember their promise even thou their parents and friends try to tell them there are no fairytales endings in life. I have told enough, download this book and see if fairytales like this can happen for Gregory and Mary Elizabeth. There is so much more to this book, romance , intrigue, family, love. Thank you for sharing your skills with us Regina. I totally recommend this book and all her others, there's to many to mention.

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  • Darryl Owens says:

    Im looking into buying a e-book. I want to be able to download books and newspapers via wireless. Also I want a very large selection of books to chose from. For those who already own a e-book; whats a better e-book, the Kindle or the Nook? Also why do you like it in particular? Is it easy to use? Do you have any problems with yours? Thanks!!

  • Rochelle Carr says:

    1814. Can anyone let me know if their is any value to the bottles and their contents, all are still sealed. One still has a paper wrap around it with the logo on it. They are square tapered bottles with scale like pattern on them.

  • Byron Stout says:

    Counselling is not helping and much of the literature is too complicated for you. If you knew that you could restore the family harmony with the guidance of an ebook at a $47 cost, would you use it.

  • Abigail Carr says:

    theres this guy in my year, and he's in a different group. i really like him! and i know we have a few things in common, we are both really into acting and singing. hes so nice and i would have no problem talking to him if i knew what to say! i really want him to like me! how do i do this? thanks for your help! only serious answers please!

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