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Beautiful Solid Color Floppy Fuchsia

Beautiful Solid Color Floppy Fuchsia

I love this dress. I was extremely nervous since i've read many other reviews people have typed about this designer. Let me tell you, this dress was not cheaply made, its comfortable, and does not have any type of weird smell. Im 20yrs old 5'0 and extremely tiny all around. The dress ends just about my knees which gives it a very chic and classy look (as says my mom). The neck line cut isn't a low cut, so there is no cleavage exposed. The only problem that I have with the dress is above the belt line on the dress sits too wide on the sides. It may only be because I have a small bust (Acup) but is an easy fix if you sew, or you can pull the dress below a tight belt. So all and all, I love this dress, the orange belt it comes with was a great contrast of color. My moms actually borrowing the dress for a wedding later today!

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  • Adrian Santiago says:

    I received my hat that I ordered last Friday. Was very prompt on receiving the hat as I was told about 2 wks to receive the hat. I received exactly what was advertised and it is going to be perfect for the wedding I am attending in July with my Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit. Thank you.

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