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G106 Home Decor Decorative Included

G106 Home Decor Decorative Included

I love this series and I particularly love the main character because he is smart, sexy, a family guy, a cop who drives a Porsche, and ultimately the coolest guy in law enforcement by a mile. Davenport does what he does because he likes it and he has a clearly defined code and sense of right and wrong-he also sees the shades of gray. The writing as always, flows smoothly, the descriptions of the people and places are vivid, and the author manages to make lifelike even the politicians that inhabit this book. Through this long running series we have come to know the characters (and they are that), that inhabit Davenport's world and it's like visiting with old friends when they take part in solving the political mystery/intrigue/thriller/suspense that takes place in a compressed period of time before election day. Davenport's friends are a motley crew of misfits but they get the job done every time. This book is recommended to all who like a smart mystery that is complex at times has many twists and turns and is hard to put down. I know that the author has said that Davenport will retire at some point, but he gives the reader so much enjoyment and downright fun I hope he goes on forever.

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  • Clinton Frank says:

  • Angeline Marsh says:

    Exactly what I was looking for! I have an area over my sink that needed something, so this really filled the bill. My neighbor gave me a plant that can grow in water and this hanging vase was perfect!!!!

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