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Seduced was worth waiting for!

Seduced Dark The Duet ebook

Seduced Dark The Duet ebook

I need a little story with my porn. SITD has a great original storyline. Caleb is still the antagonist you hate to love. Livvie is still the naive damsel in distress that you want to slap up side the head. On the first read of CITD I felt that there were plot points that were emotionally dubious, and I had to continually remind myself that Livvie is physically 18 and emotionally about 14. Caleb was broken pre-teen. It took a second read of CITD before I really enjoyed it. Not so with SITD. I loved it from beginning to end. I still got frustrated with the actions of both of the main characters, as well as some of the new introductions. But the frustration wasn't born from implausible behavior; it was aggravation that the characters were getting in the way of their own happiness. I want to know more about Agent Reed. I hope there's a spin-off that's forward in time so that he can check in on Livvie.

There are a few punctuation errors and a smidgen of word overuse. The font on the page header of the Kickstarter advance copy was annoyingly the same as the regular text. Normally I knock a star off my review with these types of distractions, but SITD is definitely a 5 star book. Hopefully a publisher picks up this series soon! I can't wait to see where Ms. Roberts goes next.

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5 Responses to “Weave Shop”

  • Johnny Rush says:

    I was very scared for this book to come out after CITD ended with me speechless. However I jumped all over buying it last night when it went live. I couldn't stop. It had me on the verge of cardiac arrest for the majority of the book. it was well worth all my angst and heartache. I loved every page down to the Epilogue. BUY THIS BOOK. DEVOUR IT. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.... But make sure you read Captive in the Dark first or you'll be clueless :)

  • Dean Jenkins says:

    I've read several reviews that have called SITD the best read of the year, but I can't agree, completely. I've read over 200 books this year, and Seduced In The Dark so far eclipses the competition that I have to call it one of the best reads of its genre, PERIOD.

    If you flinch easily, this is not the duet for you. Livvie and Caleb are scarred, physically and emotionally, both by the hands of others, as well as each other. Those scars repeatedly condemn them to revisit the darkness, commit the foulest of transgressions, as well as pave their road to redemption.

    What Ms. Roberts does so masterfully, is not to simply carry you along comfortably on the journey, but rather to push you to invest yourself into it, as each scar is revealed, reopened, and then resutured. You will not walk away from this story, untouched.

    The highest commendation I can give any book is permanent pride of place on my shelf. Particularly since the advent of ereaders, few books make the grade. First Captive In The Dark, and now Seduced In The Dark have their parking spot etched, front and center, not just on my bookshelf, but in my Kindle Fire, as well.

  • Brad Wilkinson says:

    This book lived up to the hype. livvie and calebs story is tragic but i couldnt put it down and read it straight through. its one of those books that you definitely reread.

  • Victoria Dunlap says:

    Wow!! This a very emotional/ incredible final to the series. At times it is gut wrenching and feel as if you are almost on emotional roller coaster. Ms Roberts makes you experience almost every emotion in this book. At times my heart hurt. My stomach was in knots. Felt sick. Sad. Empathy. Hate. Love. It's not an easy read but omg you won't be disappointed!!!! There are some really dark parts in this book but it is all brought together in the end! Better than I could of imagined! It was truely mind-blowing and I actually had tears in my eyes. Without a doubt this series is the best I have read all year!! Thank you ms Roberts!

  • Priscilla Hood says:

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