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The Princess Picture Book ebook

The Princess Picture Book ebook

I liked the Twilight series, but I LOVE The Host. Stephenie Meyer's writing style has really matured with this book. The Twilight series is good, but rather juvenile. The Host is emotionally gripping without being quite as emotive as the former series.

The Host is the story of Wanderer a body-snatching alien or "soul," and her "host" body, formerly a human woman named Melanie Stryder. The aliens in this book are similar to those in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," but Meyer puts an interesting twist on the story. Humans are a more resistant host than previous bodies that "souls" have taken. Their emotions and senses are overwhelmingly strong to the aliens. The "souls" have difficulty dealing with the intensity of the human memories in the bodies the acquire. Some "souls" even find that their host's mind retains awareness, and has become a little voice in the back of their head. Such is the situation of Wanderer, who finds that her host, Melanie will not be suppressed. She is overwhelmed by Melanie's memories of her brother and her lover, and finds herself beginning to love them herself.

This is one of the best romance books I have ever read. Many "romance" books have nothing but a lot of sexual descriptions. Romance is an emotional/physical/spiritual concept that Meyer has captured aptly with The Host.

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  • Debra Huffman says:

    I need something that isn't Twilight, Harry Potter or the Eragon series. also I need something that's has magic or dragons or just plain Fantasy. if possible with a bit of romance to. And another style of book is teen love too. Thanks guys. (Please include ebook websites that have the mentioned book on it)

  • Willie Fernandez says:

    I am thinking of getting an ebook reader for the new year. Can anyone give me their opinions/experience with any of the readers out there. I am trying to get a good one at an affordable price but need more info to decide on the right one. I know the Kindle and Nook are very popular, what do you all think?

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